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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Austin College?


Anonymous, Student, Austin College, Class of 2018

It is a very eclectic school with a variety of students. You experience many different world views through their international programs and professors. Their will be no class taught by a student teacher, and the professors will work hard for your success.

Anonymous, Student, Austin College, Class of 2017

The top 3 reasons to attend Austin College is for the available opportunities that Austin College has to offer, the programs and internships that can be found here are awesome. There are many locations to choose from within Austin and the schedules are great.

Anonymous, Student, Austin College, Class of 2019

Austin College has already won me over and I haven't even started attending yet, It is a fantastic school with lots of opportunities for everyone.

Anonymous, Student, Austin College, Class of 2018

ACC college provides smaller classes and a more affordable tuition while still being able to transfer credits to a University.

Anonymous, Student, Austin College, Class of 2018

Someone should attend Austin College because of its nationally-rated and excellent study abroad program, its emphasis on liberal arts education and experiential learning, and the community environment that Austin College promotes among its faculty and students.

Anonymous, Student, Austin College, Class of 2017

 Education, education, education! 
 I was accepted to Baylor, Texas A&M and Arizona State as well as Austin College. When I researched and visited all the campuses, I was shocked at the stark differences in the curriculum and the vast approaches the professors had in mind to teach the students. At the larger universities, I spoke to the students. There was one common theme among them when I asked about how prepared they felt they were for graduate school. The majority of the classes were not taught by the professors at all. Most of the classes were taught by the teaching assistants, which greatly undermined and hindered the students education.
 However, at Austin College all the classes are taught by the professors not the TAs. Students received more accurate information, more profound lectures and more in-depth academic conversations than any other  university I visited. 
 As a result, Austin College graduates are extremely more likely to be excepted into graduate than any other university or college I researched or vivsited.
Anonymous, Student, Austin College, Class of 2015

mastery of critical thinking over the major you intend to take, small class sizes, opportunity for students to take study abroad programs

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