Which 3 extracurricular activities at G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School, Class of 2016

 My school is honored to have, in my opinion, the absolute best high school television broadcast. We have an elite and dedicated group of individuals who possess remarkable creative skills and produce "Braddock TV (BTV)." The entire student body highly anticipates the broadcast every Friday morning. They provide us with important current events in our community as well as in our school while making it enjoyable to watch. [Braddock TV](http://www.braddocktv.com/)
 As if BTV was not enough, for the sports fans, Braddock has a sensational football team who do a wonderful job in frequently winning their games against other local high schools, heightening the school's pride and spirit. They attract an abundant crowd including students, parents, staff and of course the endlessly supportive football girlfriends.
 As for our top students, there is the renowned National Honor Society (NHS) which many students aspire to get accepted into for a higher recognition from the school as well as colleges. This honor society also offers its members a variety of community service opportunities in order to make our community a better place.
Anonymous, Student, G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School, Class of 2016

Our school offers many extracurricular activities but the three most popular are FBLA, Key club, and the National Honor Society. I would recommend FBLA and Key club as these two are the most beneficial. FBLA offers many events and competitions to enter which are not only entertaining but are useful in gaining recognition from colleges and universities. Key club offers many opportunities for community service hours which also serve to be beneficial for students.

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