Which 3 extracurricular activities at In Math and Science Academy North are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, In Math and Science Academy North, Class of 2016

Intramural sports are very popular here at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, because they give us a way to release the stress of academics! Another popular extracurricular is student leadership, like student government and teaching assistant groups to help improve the school and provide resources for students. The last popular extracurricular is dance, as we have a wide variety of dance clubs, including Bhangra (Indian dance), Swing Dance, Korean pop dance, break-dancing, Tinkling, and many more! In my opinion, the best extracurricular I could recommend is quidditch, because we'd like to think of our school as a real life Hogwarts (except without The Boy Who Lived or a three-headed dog in the basement), so we all get pretty into the games. However, I also enjoy being on the speech and debate team, and would highly recommend our competitive ultimate frisbee team, because they have really cool uniforms and seem to be a really close group of friends!

Anonymous, Student, In Math and Science Academy North, Class of 2016

Three popular extracurricular activities at NCSSM are HOSA, Dance Clubs, and Asia Fest.. Extracurricular activities I recommend are Airband, Africa Fest, and Latin America Fest.

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