What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Brookline College-Albuquerque?


Anonymous, Student, Brookline College-Albuquerque, Class of 2017

I've attended another college and was enrolled in their nursing program for a year & a half. Only one of my credits transferred from there to Brookline, and even so its been worth me loosing that year & a half. The instructors at Brookline are an awesome team. They genuinely care about what they are teaching their students. They want us to succeed and go out of their way to review exam results with us and review information that people suffered in. I just can't say enough about the instructors I have learned so much from. All the rest of the faculty, especially the general ed. Instructors are awesome as well. I've learned and experienced so much since I started the program. I really feel like I've received a very well rounded education there, which was not the case at the other college. There is alot of support from the campus director, dean of nursing, even the corporate people, if a problem arises. I've personally experienced their help. If your serious about a good education, from my experience, Brookline provides good education.

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