Describe the type of student who should not attend Calvary Christian Academy and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Calvary Christian Academy, Class of 2016

I guess to conversely approach the prior question, a student who would not work well at CCA is a student who is not willing to work hard. Like I said, there is no limitation on what a student can pursue, so logically the only hindrance on a student's academic, social, physical, and spiritual growth lies within him or herself. That will not be tolerated. Another characteristic of a student who should not attend CCA is a lack of desire to serve. This is because in one way or another, CCA students are required to serve the community (with mandatory community service quotas), but also required to serve the student body itself through various service opportunities that open up throughout the year. Just to give you an example, I volunteer my time by teaching a small group to sophomores; we read the Bible and I try to counsel them with the best of my knowledge. I have another friend who volunteers at what we call "Eagle Troops." Eagle Troops is basically boy scouts for VE students (students with developmental disabilities). A student who does not like, or at least have tolerance for, serving will likely pose problems and shouldn't attend.

Anonymous, Student, Calvary Christian Academy, Class of 2016

Any student who expects to simply "get by" or even intentionally break the rules does not belong in Calvary, because we are called to be above reproach and examples for others to strive to be.

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