Would you recommend attending Cuyahoga Hts High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Cuyahoga Hts High School, Class of 2016

Absolutely! Cuyahoga Heights has some of the best and most caring teachers around. Also since it is a small town school every student has equal opportunity. It isn't like a big school in which you have to excel at something in order to stand out or be relevant. At Cuyahoga Heights you don't even have to be average to make a sports team. Everyone makes the team so even if you don't get much playing time you still get to travel with the team and be around everyone. The same goes for everything else. If you want to be apart of something you don't have to try out or anything. That is what makes Cuyahoga Heights special and a school I love attending.

Anonymous, Student, Cuyahoga Hts High School, Class of 2016

No, would not recommend Cuyahoga Heights High School if I had the choice. I think people would benefit more going to a school that had more than 65 people in a grade. Its very difficult to make friends in such a small setting. After knowing everyone for so many years you know everything about them and they know everything about you and that is something I personally do not like.

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