What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Pacific Oaks College?


Anonymous, Student, Pacific Oaks College, Class of 2016

The instructors at Pacific Oaks College are top notch. The curriculum is fantastic. Students are provided with an environment in which they can suceed.

Anonymous, Student, Pacific Oaks College, Class of 2017

Anyone who wants a more personal experience would like PO. They offer credit for life experience and give narrative grades in addition to traditional points. The community is very collaborative and supportive.

Anonymous, Student, Pacific Oaks College, Class of 2017

  1. The school's B.A. and M.A. programs superbly cater to adults who work full-time and have other commitments. For example, classes may take place on weekends and evenings -- all to accommodate the working people's schedules.
  2. They utilize an excellent online learning platform, Canvas, and provide a wide range of free support services and resources, including tutoring, writing support, financial health tutor to give advice on financial matters, and more.
  3. Students and instructors alike are passionate about learning and having a meaningful, growing experience during their time at Pacific Oaks. Small class sizes allow for impactful relationship building with instructors and peers, which creates a network that will prove influential post-graduation.
Anonymous, Student, Pacific Oaks College, Class of 2017

At Pacific Oaks College you get what you won't get at state schools and many other Universities. Pacific Oaks offers small class sizes, which in turn means that faculty and staff is always available. It is also a small campus which means you don't have to rush from on place to another.

Anonymous, Student, Pacific Oaks College, Class of 2017

Three reason someone should attend Pacific Oaks college is because P.O offers small intimate classes, group discussion with no bias or judgment, discussions that are based on learning from each other's thoughts and insights.

Anonymous, Student, Pacific Oaks College, Class of 2017

Although it is difficult to limit the reasons to only three, I would say that the most important reasons are as follows (keep in mind, there are SO many more). 1. Excellent quality of education-it is an accredited, private university. Class sizes are extremely small, and individualized attention and interaction is fantastic. 2. The opportunity to learn in an open, welcoming environment, where life experience, diversity and differences are embraced. A strong mission of equality and social justice are prevalent and nurtured. 3. A very flexible schedule, many options for working adults to study here, both on ground or on-line. This is a school for serious students, not for frivolous, partying students. The atmosphere here is intellectual, mature, stimulating and inclusive.

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