Which 3 extracurricular activities at Westside High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Westside High School, Class of 2016

  1. DECA Club
  2. National Honor's Society
  3. FCCLA I would highly recommend students to join DECA because it is an awesome way to learn more about entrepreneurial skills.
Anonymous, Student, Westside High School, Class of 2016

the top three extracurricular activities at our school are dance, clubs, and sports. However, those are only a few out of many extracurricular activities. I would personally recommend the dance activities because the connection between the students gets very strong between practices and the competitions we have to go through. dance has allowed me to love school on a different level.

Anonymous, Student, Westside High School, Class of 2018

I am most popular in the Linked Learning program. I am also in Westside Choir and JROTC program. I would recommend choir, Magnet Student Program, also Theatre. I want to perform art theatre in acting. To help me pursue my future career. I love singing. My school is best at providing me with my future career needs. Such as Westside High school provide UIL concerts for best choir students at school. It also provide me with the best Magnet classes such as Digital Media Design. The Digital Media Design provide students with different interest in career choices such as Fine Art Strand, Animation, Graphic Designer, Theatre, Computing Science and Engineering Strand, Health Science and Technology Strand, Media Strand and Business Strand. There are a lot of choices for students to chose from.

Anonymous, Student, Westside High School, Class of 2016

The most popular extracurricular activities are sports teams, student council, and national honor society. I do not do any sports but I do know how rigorous they are and would recommend them for people who like to push themselves. I would recommend student council because through that club, you can get involved in all the school activities that go on and people work together to help plan and organize different events and dances. National Honor Society is also really great for volunteering outside school at different places where get to help someone and feel that satisfaction and sometimes it turns out to be really fun with friends and you can enjoy the time you are giving to someone else.

Anonymous, Student, Westside High School, Class of 2015

the most most popular extra curricular that i recommend at west side high school is the Volley ball team, Gardening, Volunteer work

Anonymous, Student, Westside High School, Class of 2016

One of the most popular is National Honors Society because we get to volunteer and it's considered one of the most prestigious clubs at our school. Also HOSA, a national medical club where we compete in rigorous challenges. Also the Ecology club at our school is very popular because we get to recycle all of the paper from our school and also participate in events where we get to become one with nature such as camping trips. I would recommend these clubs because they help mature you into a successful leader. You also get to learn from different cultures and races as well as improve your social skills. If you are shy! These clubs will help you make friends and learn more about what you want to do in life!

Anonymous, Student, Westside High School, Class of 2017

The three most popular activities at Westside High School are Basketball, Football, Inertia. I would recommend Inertia Dance Company becasue the "Inertians" are able to travel the globe and show off their dancing skills.

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