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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Hill College?


Anonymous, Student, Hill College, Class of 2017

A first reason would be that the professors are great at doing their job. They try to make sure that every single person in the classroom is getting the subject that we're learning. A second reason would be that the campus is not too big. It wouldn't be too hard to find the class that we're supposed to go. And the third reason would be that the classes are not very hard. They are easy to understand. And they don't last too long.

Anonymous, Student, Hill College, Class of 2018

Someone should go to hill college if they are wanting to be successful in life. Hill college offers many programs that will get you the degree you are looking for. If you are wanting to be a cosmetologist hill college has a great program for that. If your like me you should go to so you can be in the medical field. You could also go to hill college if you are wanting a teaching/ coaching degree.

Anonymous, Student, Hill College, Class of 2017

The top three reasons to attend Hill College is to save money, the professors and convenience of a small college like being able to talk to your advisor quick without having to wait because of many students.

Anonymous, Student, Hill College, Class of 2015

Attending Hill College is an excellent and cost effective way to earn core class credits. I have been very successful at staying debt free in the year I have attended Hill College and I am very appreciative of that. Being a Hill College student also helps you take the most direct route to a specific occupation. It's easier to spend two years working on an associate's degree to be a medical or dental assistant, chef, or being in law enforcement than it is to get a bachelor's degree. Lastly, a student who does not know what to study in a four-year can go to Hill College to gain an idea of what they might want to do. The Hill College academic advisers can help to chart an educational plan that's right for every student.

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