What would your advice be for someone who wanted to take part of the Hofstra study abroad program?


Anonymous, Hofstra University Noodle Ambassador

The Hofstra study abroad program is one of the most lucrative experiences students can take advantage of. Just this year - in the summer and winter sessions of 2013 and 2014 school year - Hofstra offered study abroad programs in 15 countries and works closely with other schools that offer different countries to study in. This year, the areas to study aboard include Amsterdam, Athens, Belize, Berlin, China, France, India, Ireland, Japan, London, Rome, Sorrento, Spain, and Venice. The final option is known as the European Odyssey. This includes traveling to multiple countries throughout Eastern and Western Europe. All study abroad programs count as credits towards Geography or Global Studies classes at Hofstra. If there is a country or area of the world that interests you, but is not offered at Hofstra, the university works with other neighboring colleges and universities to set up your excursion to your country or city of choice.

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