Choose two new members for Odysseus' crew using any heroic figures. Why would you choose these individuals? how could they help Odysseus?


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i have this same question to answer for a final and i dont know what exactly i want to write can you give me a little help , or some examples, btw this is a great quesion!

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this is actually a great question

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Hello there! When choosing two new heroic figures try thinking of fictional (such as Batman, Superman or Spiderman) and/or nonfictional characters (George Washington, John F. Kennedy, or Martin Luther King, Jr.). Think about what they have contributed in their own journeys and how they can help Odysseus on his journey. Why have you chosen them? What are their strengths/weaknesses? Try to think of Odysseus' journey, how could the new heroes a help Odysseus make better decisions and avoid some obstacles.

Hope this helps!

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