How do I solve for x? 9x-3(x+5)=5x+9+3x


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I think the answer is x = -12. You're probably wondering how I decided this? The answer is simple, go to the StudyDaddy site with algebra homework help and there is a detailed description of this topic, how to solve similar examples!

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9x-3x-15=5x+9+3x 6x-15=8x+9 -2x=24 x= -12 snapchat emojis

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Hi there! To solve for x, you first need to multiply everything that is in brackets, in this case -3(x+5). The equation will then look like this: 9x -3x -15 = 5x + 9 + 3x. You can then solve for x by bringing all the x variables to one side, which would leave you with: -2x = 24. I hope this helps.

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