Describe the type of student who should attend Georgia Perimeter College. Why?



Georgia Perimeter College attracts a wide array of students. Many students, like myself, already have a degree from another institution and are using their education at GPC as a way to reach a new career. In my case, I am using the chemistry and biology classes as prerequisite courses for a Physician Assistant Master's degree.

Anonymous, Student, Georgia Perimeter College, Class of 2019

Every type of student should attend Georgia Perimeter College for their first two years of classes. No matter what program you go into or what university you attend, you'll take the same basic core classes. Why spend thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars at a big 4-year university, when you can pay mere hundreds for those first two years? GPC allows people who can't afford a 4 year university (or who just want to save some money) to attend a local college at a more affordable price, thus increasing their GPA and eligibility for Hope Scholarship.

Anonymous, Student, Georgia Perimeter College, Class of 2018

The non-traditional college student. The student in high school that wasn't in the top 10% in grade school, but still sees a better future for them self. Someone who understands that it's not about where you go, all that matters is getting the education you deserve.

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