What is a typical Cardinal Gibbons High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Cardinal Gibbons High School.


Anonymous, Student, Cardinal Gibbons High School, Class of 2016

Because we are a private Catholic school, we are all required to wear the uniform that consists of a white polo and khaki pants. However, each student styles the boring uniform to make it their own. There is a sea of multicolored Jack Roger sandals going up and down the hall. The boys mix and match their tie dye socks and Nike sneakers. If you are part of a sports team or club then you are wearing sweatshirt with your teams name on it. Every student always walks around with an iPhone in their hands and a North Face backpack on their shoulders.
But besides keeping up with the latest designer brands, we are a community full of leadership opportunities and activities that form a family environment among the students. No matter what social circle you are a part of, what background you come from, if you are outgoing or shy by the end of your four years at Cardinal Gibbons at some point whether it be at the beginning freshman year or the last semester of senior year Gibbons helps all its students break out of their shell. There are is an astonishing amount of leadership and service opportunities Gibbons students love to take part of. Gibbons students are very social and friendly, there is always a smiling face ready to make a new friend and make you feel at home as a Crusader.

Anonymous, Student, Cardinal Gibbons High School, Class of 2016

The typical Cardinal Gibbons student is a conscientious student that values a good education and also demonstrates strong school spirit.

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