What is a typical Phillips Exeter Academy student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Phillips Exeter Academy.


Anonymous, Student, Phillips Exeter Academy, Class of 2016

Exeter students vary in their activities. Some live on campus while some are strictly day students. All Exeter students share a passionate love for learning, especially through the Harkenss method. The Harkness method involves a rather small class, with 12 students maximum, where faculty and students discuss the questions together as opposed to the standard lecture format. Students at Exeter must be prepared to speak, defend their opinion as well as lend a helping hand to others.

George Bubrick, Son attends Phillips Exeter Academy

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Question implies a uniformity that does not exist; however, PEA requirements dictate certain similarities. These include a high degree of scholastic capability, a high work ethic and extracurricular interests and achievements. In other words, the same traits other select high schools demand. At PEA, the bar is simply set higher.

Among PEA students, there are many differences. Different ethnicities, family backgrounds and resources, and extracurricular interests. Most PEA students play at least one interscholastic sport. Almost all take schoolwork seriously and devote 4-5 hours a night to homework.

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