Would you recommend attending California Academy of Mathematics and Science if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, California Academy of Mathematics and Science, Class of 2016

I had to ponder for quite some time on this question. I would and would not reccomend attending CAMS. My initial answer was NOOOOOOO! Some of the reasons why I would not reccomend it, is because of the stressed and competitive environment, minute free time and workload . I will not lie, I do not look forward to go to school every morning. I have experienced stress, anxiety and even a mental breakdown at CAMS. Of course it is not a daily thing, but there is a noticeable difference between the academic life at CAMS and at my homeschool. There are many things that are not mentioned once being admitted. Since the school is highly competitive, there are no award ceremonies throughout the year or student rankings, because when can only guess what it would mean to the teens who already pull their hair out. The only thing that shows your acheivement at CAM S are your grades and test score. The school disregards sports entirely, which explain why we dont have a football, baseball, or basketball team. To every con there is a pro. I can not say that CAMS has entirely been a bad experience. At CAMS I reached new heights in my education that would NEVER be attainable at my home school. The education at CAMS is excellent and possibly the best of it kind in Southern California. CAMS has opened new doors for me, helped me discover my career, receive a rich interdisplinary education, and most importantly find myself. If it wasnt for CAMS I may have been pregnant like many of my friends, drop out of school, settle for a 9am- 5pm job, and be yet another, saddening statistic of juvenile deliquency. With CAMS I have a bright future that involves college, a career, and being an inspirations to others. But the MOST important thing that CAMS has enabled me to do, is write this paragraph. The fact that I am writing this paragraph about my personal experience signifies my determination to start my future NOW. I am forever grateful to be a CAMS Rebel !!!!!!

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