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What is a typical Union High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Union High School.


Anonymous, Student, Union High School, Class of 2016

A typical Union student is hard to answer considering everyone is different in your own ways. You may hear that union is a preppy school but I say we have preppy people but that category doesn't suit everyone. You have students that do less than stellar and some that are outstandingly great. Any student should attend Union.

Anonymous, Student, Union High School, Class of 2016

A typical Union High School student is extremely involved in nearly every aspect in school. They participate in all classes, sports, and maybe clubs, such as the Future Business Leaders of America. They are humorous, helpful, and dedicated to their work. They like to be very competitive in class competitions, and have an exceptional amount of spirit when it comes to athletic games and pep-assemblies. Students at Union High School are the loudest and most dedicated school in the county when it comes to cheering for athletes and classmates. I would like to see uncommonly devoted students attending Union High School. These students are passionate about getting an education, so they participate in every class, doing exceptionally well in them. Also, they love to learn about how they can succeed later in life, which means they begin participating in clubs, such as FBLA or FFA. They take on projects that will better themselves and the community around them, becoming more eager about doing community service; consequently, they become inducted into the National Honor Society and become an officer to assist in community service projects. Finally, they love cheering for athletes at their games and meets, cheering right along with their fellow students, and encouraging athletes when the athletes make a mistake. The students encourage everyone around them, and helps them when they need it and stands up for their friends. To me, this is the perfect student that should be enrolled in Union High School.

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