Describe the type of student who should attend University of South Carolina-Columbia. Why?



A student who is looking for the perfect blend of academics and a healthy lifestyle should attend the University of South Carolina. With one of the most prestigious Honors Colleges in the country, amazing weather, and great location in the heart of Columbia, this school is perfect for those looking to excel on an academic and personal level.


USC is for the student who wants a small school feel, but also the flexibility and assurance knowing that they are indeed at a school with over 10,000 students, a large alumni network, and the resources typical to larger schools. While class sizes range from small to large, the wide array of extracurricular opportunities allows each and every student to find their fit.


The University of South Carolina is an excellent school which balances the importance of social life with academia. If you are serious about your schooling but still want to have fun then USC is the place for you! There are hundreds of clubs and organizations so there's something for everyone.


The student who should come to this university is one who does not back down from a challenge. This school is not the easiest, and it cannot be full of quitters. Also, the ideal student is one who will always root for the school in sports even if we are not winning. To be a student here is to take pride in the school. Someone who will achieve their goals and love this school is a student that should be at the University of South Carolina.

Anonymous, Student, University of South Carolina-Columbia, Class of 2016

Great for a student that is extremely self-motivated & wants access to resources. Due to the size of the school and location, we have TONS of resources across majors, years, interests etc. On the downside, no one is going to bring the opportunities to you, you must go to them yourself.

Anonymous, Student, University of South Carolina-Columbia, Class of 2020

A student dedicated to achieving their degree and any other personal goals they may have. A student who, while they are attentive to their classes, knows how to relax and enjoy their time in college.

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