Describe the type of student who should attend Alabama A & M University. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Alabama A & M University, Class of 2019

A student who is ready to handle many responsibilities should attend Alabama A&M University. Those responsibilities include: managing time wisely, prioritizing, and accomplishing every school based goal that student have set out . There are many events on and near campus that can side track a student from their goals. The student must be prepared for the challenge. Also, we have the benefit of riding the BTS here on campus. A new student must understand that the buses are just one form of transportation but not an excuse as to you being late for class. Therefore, that student must be prepared to walk on the "Hill." At Alabama A&M, excuses are unacceptable especially the lazy ones. The student must be ready to put their social skills to work , communicate with professors as well as college mates in order to get what they need, and most importantly, the student must be ready to be educated and successful.

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