What is a typical Onalaska High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Onalaska High School.


Anonymous, Student, Onalaska High School, Class of 2017

Onalaska is a very, very small school. A majority of everyone in the school has known one another since they were in diapers or since kindergarten. Not only is the school small but so is the town. Not saying that in order to attend the school you had to have been born in raised here. You will surely find a way to fit in. I have been attending Onalaska since the sixth grade and had no trouble finding where I belong. However, when it comes to being enrolled in Onalaska Jr./Sr. High you don't have to look at how long you've lived in town. Onalaska has been voted and placed as the number one school in our district and has been recognized many times by higher officials. The teachers and staff are amazing and everyone here has the mindset to make us as well as the school the best it can be.

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