Would you recommend attending Prairie High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Prairie High School, Class of 2016

I would highly recommend Prairie to any and all who might ask. On the outside, this school may be considered as underprivileged and not have the same amount of resources as the next school in our district. But, on the outside, there is a whole community of students from all walks of life who are dedicated to not only their schoolwork, but to helping each other as well. As a highly stubborn individual, I was dedicated after my move up here into Junior year, that this school couldn't possibly be accepting of a girl who had not been with the same kids since Kindergarten. However, I was pushed into courses and clubs that were geared towards my love of kids and medicine, I made a new friend who was studying abroad all the way from Norway, and I even became a teacher's assistant my second semester. Even the shyest of kids will find a club or group of individuals that are always ready to take them in. I love the tight knit bond of the kids on my campus and I will always hold this school in high regard.

Anonymous, Student, Prairie High School, Class of 2016

YES!!!! Prairie is the most fun school that anyone can attend. We have everything here, and the staff is amazing. Our sports programs are unbeatable, our staff is unbelievable, and our students are undeniable (friendly that is). Everyone is just amazing over here and anyone is bound to have a great time! Also our counselors are just the best at handling issues. We sadly had a student commit suicide right before summer and the counselors really nailed it when it came to making sure everyone got the help they needed. The entire school really came together and put an effort out to raise money for the family. Everyone should come to Prairie High School.

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