Asked about: Hamilton College

What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Hamilton College?


Anonymous, Student, Hamilton College, Class of 2019

The school has an Open Curriculum. The school has an excellent education system. The campus is beautiful.

Anonymous, Student, Hamilton College, Class of 2018

The people! The people here are so kind, down to earth and I have made some of the best friends here at Hamilton. The academic professors are also amazing. They really make sure that you understand and office hours are easily accessible. The resources here are endless and there is little competition to use them.

Anonymous, Student, Hamilton College, Class of 2015

Because they want to study a hard science while still getting a well-rounded education, to really learn what it means to think for yourself, and how to become a strong writer

Anonymous, Student, Hamilton College, Class of 2018

Hamilton a small liberal arts college where classes are small and professors know their students by name. The entire body is only 1,800 students and everyone practically knows each other. I like Hamilton because I can make a real connection with other individuals (when compared to large universities). Furthermore, the weather there is extreme and if you've never seen snow before, it is the place to be. I am from Miami and have always dreamed of making a snowman and a snow angel. During the winter, Hamilton's hill became a winter wonderland and I felt like I was in Disney's "Frozen". I know that I would never had that same experience at another school.

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