What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend James Sprunt Community College?


Anonymous, Student, James Sprunt Community College, Class of 2015

To list all the reasons why James Sprunt Community College is a great school would take too long, but if I had to choose three; one would be the fact that James Sprunt is a beautiful college with a wonderful faculty and staff who care deeply about each other. The second is that if a person wanted to attend but did not have the funds, the school would help them. James Sprunt has financial aid and the classes along with their assigned books are not outrageously expensive. Also, at the end of a semester students can sell the their books back to James Sprunt and receive money in return. The last aspect that makes this school stand out and above the rest would be how well the faculty treats you. Many colleges see their students as walking wallets to steal from or cogs in a wheel to boost the school's reputation. James Sprunt's instructors will diligently work with the student if there is problem in class, help them achieve their goal, have scheduled private meetings with the students if they need extra help, and give a reasonable amount of work that each student can handle. The staff will treat you like a friend or part of a family and will remind you everyday about why you matter and how you can make a difference in society.

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