Which 3 extracurricular activities at Artesia High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Artesia High School, Class of 2017

I will specify three extracurricular activities and then describe why these activities are popular at my high school. First, Artesia Student Body (ASB) this program is what drives the school by helping set up school events like dances and rallies. This program is divided between leadership and renaissance which one helps with outside and social events while the other focuses educational events during school hours. Second, Key Club is popular for the amount of community service the group does and how enthusiastic they are towards the community. Last but not least AVID is popular of how the teachers are driven to send and prepare students to college.

I would recommend to do Key Club, AVID, and to pick up a sport. Key Club helps you become outgoing and allows you to get out of your comfort zone letting you spread your wings really. AVID allows insight on college experiences and helps students be aware of what to expect in college. Picking up a sport will allow you to make friends and help you make connections with other people. A sport will help you mentally and physically allowing you time to relax and have fun with friends.

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