Would you recommend attending Imagine Preparatory Superstition if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Imagine Preparatory Superstition, Class of 2016

If I had the choice, I would without a doubt recommend attending Imagine Prep Superstition. This is because many schools in my area are notorious for being too crowded, not having good teaching programs, and just simply lacking the atmosphere of being a school, but rather being a prison. At Imagine Prep, our school has grown larger every year, but it is definitely still a relatively small school. I consider this to be a good thing; at this school, it never gets too disrupting in the classroom and thankfully doesn't take away from the learning experience, an important element of attending high school, I believe. Also, Imagine Prep happens to have some of the best teachers I have ever had in the entirety of my short lifetime, which is no small feat. The teachers do a generally good job of teaching, and when I do not understand something, I always get the help required in order for me to understand the content fully. This is not something I believe is the case for other schools in my area, based mainly off of what other students tell me. Lastly, at Imagine Prep, it feels like a school. I feel like I am learning what I need to learn; I feel like an important student rather than a liability; I also have fun learning new content at my school. Other schools I have attended have commonly felt like a prison, and Imagine Prep thankfully feels like quite the opposite. It is for these reasons I would recommend attending Imagine Preparatory Superstition.

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