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What are chances of being accepted if I come from a low income family?


Greg Johnson, CEO, Bottom Line

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It’s difficult to make any admissibility prediction based on income status alone, so it is hard to know admissions chances without knowing more about any student’s academic profile. According to College Board, Auburn is less selective with an 83% admittance rate. However, they had the highest average ACT score for incoming freshman for public schools in the state in 2013 and College Results Online says the average GPA of an incoming student in 2013 was a 3.78, so this data seems conflicting. However, Auburn does not have a great track record for supporting low-income students according to a recent study, though, so the question may be less about Admissibility and more about Affordability. According to this article, Auburn is in the bottom 5% of universities in terms of admitting Pell eligible students. They only meet 49% of need and only 13% of their enrolled students were Pell eligible in 2012.

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