Which 3 extracurricular activities at Monroe Township High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Monroe Township High School, Class of 2016

In Monroe Township High School there are many extracurricular activities, however, the popularity depends on interests. More importantly, the three clubs with the most recruits would be DECA, multicultural club, and national honors society. In other words, Monroe Township High School is a diverse environment. Therefore, if I had to recommend any extracurricular activities, which includes the three most popular, I would say: key club, red cross, art club, marching band, photography, and any sports team, such as volleyball, or football. When an individual is included in a sports team, they do not only make new friends, but also become a team player. I have not experienced the pleasure to be on a competitive team, but I have heard many stories, and have seen the team players becoming a small family. Especially during the game or torment when one team versus the other; all the team members with different skills work together for a similar goal. Even though, I am not the most athletic person, I have joined various clubs, and made my own second family. Red cross and multicultural club are one of the clubs that Monroe Township High School offers to students. I favor these two clubs the most out of the rest, because I am an open-minded individual, love helping those in need, and see friendship as a gift. In these two clubs, I have made many friends and helped many charitable causes. To conclude, extracurricular activities can increase any individual’s socialization skills, give them an opportunity to make new friends, and helps them step out of their comfort zone. Hence, I recommend that an individual can join whichever club they please including, red cross, multicultural club, or even a sports teams, because in the end there will only be a positive outcome of friendship.

Anonymous, Student, Monroe Township High School, Class of 2016

At Monroe Township High School, many students are engaged in after school activities. Specifically sports, clubs, and honor societies. The main sports at MTHS are football, lacrosse, softball and soccer. Many clubs are available such as DECA and the Academic team. The National honor society is full of new students every year. When recommending an extracurricular to join, I always say to do which interest the person the most, or which they might be interested. Because there are so many different types of clubs, newspaper, Ping-Pong, robotics, etc., I would say to find one that fits you the best!

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