What is a good, small college with degree programs in genetics, evolutionary biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, or similar degrees for a high achieving student?


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An easy way to explore and sort through your options is to use the Noodle College Finder. The search linked to above, is for a small, competitive college that offers bio and biochemistry. This search returned an excellent mix of schools in a variety of locations.

You can experiment and tweak your search terms to narrow down on schools that meet your needs. You can also plug in your GPA and standardized test scores to see how they match up with the requirements for certain colleges.

This article on choosing a major offers some advice on how to specialize and pick minors/concentrations to improve your prospects after you graduate!

Play around with the college finder and see if it doesn't help generate a list of prospective schools. If you get stuck or feel like you need more feedback, by all means ask a follow up question!

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