What do you like about Cornell's campus and culture?


Admitsee student at Cornell, Cornell University '18

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I love the nature around me!! If you like to relax by enjoying breathtaking views all around you, every day, Cornell offers something none of the other Ivies do. Also, Cornellis competitive but I feel that it only encourages me to keep at the top of my game. People are very willing to help each other out, and group work and collaboration is really big here. Also, there is no way you'll ever exhaust the resources here. Whatever you want, if you get in contact with the right people, you could do, and I know I could live undergrad here at least seven times, doing completely different things and taking different classes, and still have things left that I wanted to take but didn't have time for.

KatieS, Cornell University '17

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I feel like Cornell gets the reputation a lot of the time of being in the middle of nowhere, being really isolated, and being cold. And while these are all kind of valid, it really isn't lifeless or boring at all, probably because of how big the campus/student body is. There really is something for everyone here (I know it sounds cliche, but I met so many people here just during the first week whom I connected with. Plus, everyone wants to make friends and so I've seen very few lonely, isolated people!) Plus, there are a ton of student organizations here - we even have a Squirrel Watching club - so as long as you make an effort to reach out to people and get involved, the campus will feel that much more inclusive and you'll always have something to do. Also, I feel like this almost goes without saying, but Cornell's campus is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I was talking with one of my friends about this the other day, and we were thinking about how since everything is so nice looking/aesthetically pleasing, it just seems like a really nice place to learn. There are no harsh distractions or anything to stress you out subconsciously (e.g., subways, dirty city streets, etc.) so you only have your work to focus on. Which is good, since there is a lot of work to do here! (But you'd expect that at any school of this caliber.)

Julia Wu, Cornell University '17

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The alumni at Cornell are amazing and always willing to help out. The mix of people at Cornell l definitely make it one of the best qualities of this school.

Jackie7, Cornell University '14

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Cornell is a large school in a rural area, so if you are looking for an urban school, this is not for you. However, there is an airport in Ithaca which makes travel more convenient than you would think.

Admitsee student at Cornell, Cornell University '18

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Cornell is a beautiful place full of beautiful people. What else could you ask for?

aimeecho, Cornell University '17

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Ithaca is so beautiful ("Ithaca is gorges"), and the community is very cozy.

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