What is a typical Academe of the Oaks student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Academe of the Oaks.


Anonymous, Student, Academe of the Oaks, Class of 2016

If you would, or if other people consider you "special" then you belong at this school. The academics are tough but they also prepare you for the future, and you have to be willing to work hard and try new things. It is a Waldorf school so the teachings and classes and events may take a little time to get used to. I know from experience that this school encourages you to come out of your shell, and express your true feelings and opinions. Like most schools we do have "clicks" but really it's just people you share interests with. If you prefer a small setting, this is definitely the school for you, by the end of the day you will have seen everyone in the school, and news definitely travels fast.

Anonymous, Student, Academe of the Oaks, Class of 2017

Students that attend Academe of the Oaks are definitely unique, it would not be uncommon for a student to have dyed hair, a knack for spoken word, singing, or playing an instrument well. Each student has their own style whether it be preppy or very casually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Academe students are passionate about what they want to pursue after high school and college, it would not be unusual to have a student that is dedicated to a program that shadows the future career that they would like to study for. Each student has their own drive to do well.

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