What is a typical Merrillville High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Merrillville High School.


Anonymous, Student, Merrillville High School, Class of 2016

one of the great things about attending merrilville high school is the incredibly diverse environment. I often find that in other high schools the student body almost becomes indistinguishable to the outside view. Everything form the way they look to the way they act is strangely monotonous . these are the schools where everyone , teachers included, walk around with gloomy faces and end of the day anticipation as if all the fun and excitement of high school had simply dispersed from the entire building. such gloomy faces wouldn't dare to exists here at merrilvvie high. Not that everyone here is full of sun shine, bubble- gum- popping joy, but the typical vibe of a merrilvvie pirate tends to be a lot more cheerful and more vibrant than any other high school ive ever experienced.

Anonymous, Student, Merrillville High School, Class of 2016

A typical Merrillville High Student is people with nice personality. A typical student goes to Merrillville with the ambition to learn and strive. Merrillville students are genuinely happy, loving, caring, and nice. All types of people should attend Merrilville. We don't discriminate on what type of students should come here. Any one who come here should have a good attitude about coming to learn.

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