Would you recommend attending Howell High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Howell High School, Class of 2015

Of course. Howell High School is known for its two amazing programs of Humanities and the FPAC program. The FPAC program stands for Freehold Performing Arts Center and is basically a home for kids who love to perform. Being a student in the FPAC program has led me to say it is one of the greatest things you will experience. You are able to explore and live through your passion. Besides FPAC, the humanities kids are known to always be on the books. They're the brains and greatness as well of Howell. But of course, we can't forget about the normal students who aren't in either of these programs. There is always a way to become active in this school. You'll never go unnoticed and you'll always feel like a part of something. Howell is definitely a school that I am proud to be apart of and would gladly recommend.

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