Describe the type of student who should not attend University of Phoenix-Online Campus and explain why.



The Online University of Phoenix program would not be ideal to those who need to sit in front of a facilitator and physically see and hear what is being said or demonstrated. Having hands on experience is great and it is the way that so many people learn, however if that is the best way you soak in the information, this would not be an appropriate educational experience. Some students need that push everyday to get up and go see what they are being taught, for the Online University, this would not be the route you would go due to the independence and self determination that you would need to succeed.


The type of person that would should NOT attend University of Phoenix Online is someone that isn't very good at time managment or someone that learns more from actually listening to lectures or sitting in a classroom. Online is fast pace so I wouln't reccommend it to someone that has to learn at a slow pace because classes or only 5 weeks long and you learn alot and at a very fast pace.

Anonymous, Student, University of Phoenix-Online Campus, Class of 2018

I can not think of any type of student that could not attend university of phoenix with how flexible they are.

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