Would you recommend attending Bay Shore Senior High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Bay Shore Senior High School, Class of 2016

There is no other high school that I would recommend more highly than Bay Shore Senior High School. I've never been part of a more diverse yet tolerant society; from the students to the faculty everyone wants everyone to succeed. The teachers are of such high caliber that all the classes offered at school are without a doubt interesting and fulfilling in the sense that there is not one class that is absolutely despised by any student. The clubs and sports teams number over one hundred, which gives each student an opportunity to excel in something he or she is passionate about. If someone is interested in film, great! Making the school yearbook or newspaper, awesome! Tutoring others or being a mentor for other students? There are clubs for that! There are immense opportunities for each and every student at Bay Shore, made sure of by both the school and district administration, as well as the student body and faculty members. Go Marauders!

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