Describe the type of student who should attend New York University. Why?



Only the most dedicated and hard working students should attend NYU. People who have a genuine interest in their majors who tend to excel in some element of education. Furthermore, they should be motivated to learn more about their fields and interests, it's not easy, but I believe time spent at college can be worthwhile this way, by creating a balance between studying for classes and socializing or making a suitable schedule for each individual.

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The type of student who attend New York University is someone who is unafraid of the unexpected--what I mean is, if they want to a normal college where everything is essentially laid out for them with little to no adventure or inspiration required, then this college is not for you. New York University constantly challenges you to be a leader, an innovator, or a creator--however, they never tell you how they want you to take on this role, that part is always up to you. They call us to tackle new initiatives, spark ideas, ignite businesses or movements with plenty of networking provided along the way, but little guidance. The middle of Manhattan, our campus, is your oyster. And just like searching for buried treasure (except amongst a sea of people, rather than dirt or sand) you never know what you might find.

Anonymous, Student, New York University, Class of 2019

“NYU is a school for hipsters.” The words my friend uttered mindlessly intrigued me, and I now know exactly what she meant. NYU is not a university for the average student. The academic community swirls with those who are gifted, those who are different. New York City is the epicenter of philanthropy and talent, a bustling metropolis with people whose ambitions and work ethic will intensify your desire to improve. To be an NYU student, you must be comfortable with people whose first language is different from your own, with people whose thoughts and ideals will challenge you to question your opinions. NYU students crave to be enlightened by new outlooks and to immerse others in their findings. You must be prepared to soak up every bit of knowledge from the rigor of the courses at the best university in the country.

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Well, anyone can attend the college if they want. If you want to know more about the eligibility then you can visit their official website:

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