Describe the type of student who should attend University of Scranton. Why?


Anonymous, Student, University of Scranton, Class of 2018

Open mindedness is the number one trait a student wishing to attend this university should possess. It may be a Catholic-Jesuit institution, but it is one of the most open Jesuit universities in America. The diversity here alone is incredible - you get the city downtown life of Scranton with your typical Pennsylvania atmosphere. The students come from many different parts of the world and each student is unique in their own way. It could be their orientation, gender identity or simply their interests that make up this glorious community. Another possible trait an individual should have in order to grow in this university is drive. The school revolves around a concept called Service Learning. Service Learning are basically volunteer hours one must put in for each course that deems it mandatory. Most majors at this school require Service Learning hours as it teaches you to how to interact with your fellow humans. This is an exceptional learning experience, especially if you are looking to pursue any career related to human services. All in all, if the student keeps an open mind and has the drive to succeed, I am sure they will fit right in with the rest of us at the University of Scranton!

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