Would you recommend attending Ironwood High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Ironwood High School, Class of 2016

I would absolutely recommend attending Ironwood High School. When I was in elementary school, my parents always warned me of bullies. They told me to be careful in high school. I didn't know if I should have been scared to be my true self. However, I quickly learned that Ironwood is very accepting. It is a school with many ethnicities, financial backgrounds, and family backgrounds. At the end of the day, we come together to accept everyone. It does not matter who you are, if you like to play an instrument, play a sport, or sing, there is a place for you. We pride ourselves on our "#GetInvolved" campaign. Ironwood High School is an amazing school for anyone.

Anonymous, Student, Ironwood High School, Class of 2016

I would most definitely recommend Ironwood High School as a choice to attend. This school has the IB program (International Baccalaureate) and is also known for having a high graduating percentage. The teachers and staff are very helpful and understanding, giving a lot of one on one attention to each student. Many states recognize Ironwood for the iconic bald eagle. Universities have been known to look at Ironwood students who have gone far and beyond in participating in band, theater, athletics, and much more. Anything is possible here at Ironwood as long as you make the time and effort to create the perfect path to your career.

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