What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Nossi College of Art?


Nossi College Of Art, Why Nossi!

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Nossi College of Art does not believe in the starving artist mantra. We want to give our student artists experience working in Nashville's creative industries so they understand the value of their work and worth as an artist. Our ultimate goal is to get your prepared for graduation so you can succeed as a professional artist.

We are a community of artists - from teachers to fellow students to many staffers. Questions that you have in relation to work, life, art or even socially can be answered by artists who have already lived similar experiences and can share what they encountered. Having artists as teachers and mentors helps introduce students to the start of their network to Nashville's creative community.

A big reason to attend Nossi is our Nossi All Access program. The only program like it in Nashville, Nossi College partners students with businesses, events, non-profits and people in Middle Tennessee to ensure students get experiential learning in addition to classroom learning. Check out www.Nossi.edu/AllAccess for more great info! This is your opportunity to work with great companies like CMA, Lightning 100, The Tennessean, War Memorial Auditorium, Cumberland Compact, Pencil Foundation and many other great companies.

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