Who can attend? Must they be referred? How is this school different from Elliott?


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Petersen Alternative Center for Education is an alternative school for at-risk students. This document explains what kind of school Petersen is and gives background information on its students. Unfortunately, Petersen's main site doesn't seem to be working at the moment, so if you'd like more specific information, your best bet may be to call the school at (209) 238-6716.

Robert Elliott Alternative Education Center is a similar school that also offers a continuation program for students who previously struggled in a traditional school. Elliot also offers a technical program as well as services for pregnant teens. You can learn more about Elliot by visiting its website, or you can call it at (209) 576-4401.

Both schools cater to a similar student population. Because I wasn't able to gather as much information on Petersen, it's hard to say which site offers more services. It seems as though students needn't be referred to either school, but you should call to double check. Ultimately, your best bet is to call both schools, explain the resources your looking for, and compare what they tell you.

This article on alternative schools might offer insights as you make a decision. Best of luck and write back any time!

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