Which 3 extracurricular activities at Early College High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Early College High School, Class of 2017

At Early College High School, I would recommend joining the drama club. It is my first year, and I have already come out of my shell to meet and work with new people. Student council is another organization to join. It allows you to take part in the goings-on of the school and also helps offer community service options which is extremely crucial to graduating from this school. I would also recommend joining the yearbook club. This club is in charge of capturing and taking note of what goes on all year. Students learn to use technology to their advantage to create a yearbook while having fun at the same time.

Anonymous, Student, Early College High School, Class of 2016

Our most popular extracurricular activities are Robotics, Chess, and Drama. While other high schools' big features would probably be football, I'd say our school is most known for its robotics team. Every fall, our team competes for a chance to bring home some trophies, many of which are displayed in our school's trophy case. Other posters and robotics memorabilia can be found throughout campus. Chess has also been pretty big in the past. Two years ago, our chess team go to travel over 21 hours by bus to California to compete at nationals! Go team! Drama club's pretty popular as well. This group is responsible for an annual Halloween Haunted House, Senior Spoof, and plays throughout the year.

My favorite clubs, personally, have been Ecology Club and Class Cabinet. I can honestly say that it's been such a pleasure to represent such amazing peers on issues that are important to all of us. We've actually been working on building a case for the school district to bring back our school's FLEX Program, which allowed upperclassmen to leave campus once their classes were through. Last year, we were responsible for throwing Prom, which was a lot of fun, too. Ecology's really great because it gives you the chance to spend time with friends while doing something good for the world around you. Ecology club has been responsible for maintaining our recycling bins and going out on park clean ups. This year, we're hoping to get a trip to the local aquarium approved for our members who have participated in at least three cleanups.

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