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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at St Olaf College?


Bert Sletten, Northfield = 2 colleges

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Northfield is a 2 college town. Besides things to do mentioned, there are also things sponsored by Carlton, and since it is college town, more events in town.

Anonymous, Student, St Olaf College, Class of 2016

It's difficult to chose just three things as there are always events being put on from all different backgrounds that provide for such a well rounded liberal arts experience. Personally, my favorite thing on campus is the number and variety of musical performances put on in the Pause, a local hangout spot on campus run solely by members of the student body. We have had performances by everything from international dance companies to major artists like Andy Grammer or Ingrid Michaelson. The Pause has done theater performances, fashion shows, and some awesome school dances. There is always something exciting going on there.

Anonymous, Student, St Olaf College, Class of 2019

St. Olaf Oles participate in celebrated music ensembles, have impromptu sporting games such as volleyball or ultimate frisbee, and volunteer in the Northfield community.

Anonymous, Student, St Olaf College, Class of 2018

First of all, St. Olaf students like to go into the downtown Northfield area to shop or get bagels. We also like to go to sporting/music events or events at the honor houses, and we also go to dances whether they are in the Pause or in town.

Anonymous, Student, St Olaf College, Class of 2017

St Olaf students enjoy buying a pizza from the Pause (the on campus student-run kitchen) and hanging out. We also like to watch movies, either by taking the weekly movie bus to a nearby theater or by going to Viking Theater (our own mini movie/event theater) on the weekend. In addition we like to go to monthly Pause dances (like an on-campus dance club), where we can relax and shake off the stress from classes.

Anonymous, Student, St Olaf College, Class of 2018

Students participate in musical groups (choirs, orchestra, etc), join a variety of clubs, and just hang out with their friends.

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