Would you recommend attending Columbus High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Columbus High School, Class of 2016

Of course I would. Considering that we are the third top high school in the state of Georgia, makes it impossible to say we are a "bad" school. We have many AP classes, which makes our school different from any other school in Columbus, excluding private schools. We have our Holiday Social in December, which is important to the whole student body and staff. There, you are seated which other students of your class, under and upperclassmen. The food is delicious and you receive memorable pictures. Our sports and extracurricular activities allow you to have a break from the school day, to make friends and to have fun. Columbus has many standards that make you experience the college life while attending high school. Senior Project is a huge pass or fail for senior year but it's also fun and worth learning, if you choose a topic that you are interested in. Columbus is filled with many different students, ethnicities and personalities that no day is a typical day. Lastly, Homecoming and Homecoming week, in October, are filled with unexpected events and surprises that make the year memorable.

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