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What was your experience like at Yale?


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There are a few online review sites which gather information on student experiences. These are especially helpful when it's hard to get in touch with alumni and currently enrolled students.

Here are some reviews of this school, as well as some links to sites where you can read more statements from alumni and students. These reviews should help paint a picture of what going to this school might be like.

"Absolutely love Yale! I feel like a princess in a big castle here! Classes require a lot of thought and people here are very intellectual. Professors inculcate a lot in students! I love it because you learn so much from the people, and the environment. There's always something to do even if you don't want to admit it. Go Bulldogs!" (Read more reviews of this school on

"Technically, the entire purpose of going to college is for the academics. That being said, the academics at Yale are what you make of it. Science majors are typically more difficult than humanities, but that's the usually trend in any school. However, there are just as many students who struggle in the sciences/spend hours in lab who can bust out an English essay in under an hour...they just choose classes that cater to their own abilities. Yale is quite good at upholding their "liberal arts education" approach to academics. Before declaring his/her major at the end of sophomore year, each undergraduate is required to take a variety of courses in different subjects. Thus, the difficulty of each class depends on the student's personal strengths and experiences.

I've had a class with 14 students, and another with 200 students. However, in both classes, the professor knew my name. Office hours and class participation are stressed, and it's definitely an asset. If you choose to never speak with your professor, chances are he/she will never know you - but then you miss out on valuable classroom experiences that could influence your future studies and current course material understanding. The goal here is to learn for the sake of learning. There are many students who do not know what their future jobs will be, but trust that their dedication in their activities at Yale will open doors. Many students who do not necessarily consider jobs go to Teach for America after graduation, or apply for graduate school." (Read more reviews of this school on

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