What do you like about GWU's campus and culture?


ezhurb, George Washington University '18

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GWU is in the heart of DC, which makes it optimal for internship opportunities. Practically any internship you could possibly want is within walking distance of the school. These experiences are hugely beneficial in building connections and finding a job after graduation, and I'm grateful to attend a school in such a perfect location.

annabel.epstein, George Washington University '18

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I love GWU for being a school that fosters self sufficiency. The city has so much to offer, and it is your responsibility to take advantage of every opportunity the school gives you. Whether its internship opportunities, or having dinner with Alumni, GWU gives students every chance to succeed. DC is an amazing city, and GWU's location is unparalleled. Whether it is food, nightlife, shopping or culture it's hard to beat everything that DC has to offer.

allison18, George Washington University '18

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GWU has the perfect location for pretty much any major but it is one of the best in the world for International Affairs. D.C. is filled with great hang out spots, restaurants, and not to mention the White House along with every other patriotic monument every built. For extra credit, my comparative politics teacher lets us go visit embassies and tour the UN's information center. Can't get any better than that.

aboucourt, George Washington University '17

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GWU's main campus is blocks from the national mall, the white house, and accessible by metro stop which gives you cheap and easy access to Maryland and Virginia.

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