What is a typical Honolulu Community College student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Honolulu Community College.


Anonymous, Student, Honolulu Community College, Class of 2016

People who attend Honolulu Community College are no different from the students who attend Manoa or West O'ahu. The students here are people who are straight out of high school or adults coming back to school to gain their education. The school is very welcoming, where everyone is nice to everyone. The typical person attending HCC is a laid back, relaxing but determined person.

Anonymous, Student, Honolulu Community College, Class of 2018

Students should be attend all of their classes and finish all the work that they needed to do. It is important to pay attention into small details. Students should not be wasting time with anything that is not related to school. College is expensive and should take it seriously.

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