A retired ECE reading and writing teacher wants to tutor. Where does she apply?


Abbie Mood, Early interventionist & Freelance Writer

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I would look and post on Craigslist as well as search local papers. You might also want to try to partner with a preschool or public school and see if they will allow you to offer your services there. I second Emily's advice, as well, in creating business cards and getting recommendations. You might also want to create postcards/flyers and post them at Starbucks, family centers, and anywhere else that someone with young children might see them!

Emily Shapiro, I am a former preschool teacher turned independent admissions consultant. .

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She could contact local schools and after school programs to ask whether they keep a list of tutors. But what I would do if I wanted to tutor is post on my local parents' email list serves. Or better yet, get a friend or the parent of a former student to post a recommendation for you. And if you know other people who can honestly respond to that post to second the recommendation that is great. Also, let everyone you know know that you are interested in tutoring. Have business cards made up (Vista print is reasonably priced) and give them to people in case they meet someone who is looking for tutoring.

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