Our 14 year-old son wants to spend 6 months in the U.S. beginning January 2016. He's very good at French and German and has good English. Is it possible to apply for your school? How much will it cost? Do you know of families, with whom our son could stay?


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Your best bet in this case is to contact Sarasota High School directly at 941-955-0181 to ask questions about its international students policy.

Sarasota County School District provides a PDF file on the requirements for foreign exchange students. Some of the requirements include:

The student will be enrolled for a full, two semester school year

The student is sponsored by a program approved by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel

The student will be living with an American host family who has been approved of by the sponsoring program

The student will have get legal entry into the US via the J-1 Exchange Visa.

The student gives a transcript of at least 2 years worth of classes.

The student meets immunization requirement for the state of Florida.

The student is proficient enough in English to attend the necessary grade level.

Hopefully, this gives you a sense of what will be involved in setting up a year abroad. For more information and more options you might want to check out this article on Noodle called Choosing the Right High School Study Abroad Program. The article is geared towards U.S students going to other countries, but it might still be useful in giving you a sense of the expectations and processes involved.

Best of luck!

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