What do you like about Stanford's campus and culture?


Ben Wrigley, My impression

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Stanford University's cultural life has always been top notch, so it’s pretty fun here, in my free time I help students with writing, you can find everything you need at AU Papersowl , I was glad to help you, I think I answered your question.

Admitsee student at Stanford, Stanford University '17

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Stanford is the most welcoming place to go to school. Everyone I have ever met here is genuine and nice.

Admitsee student at Stanford, Stanford University '17

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I love the chill laid back vibe of Stanford. The "duck syndrome" (everyone looks happy while they work hard, like a paddling duck) is truly who I am as a person. I'm always smiling even though I'm working my butt off. I also love the alumni network with which Stanford is associated. We have amazing graduates and really close alumnus that will help you get a job after college.

Admitsee student at Stanford, Stanford University '17

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How everyone does amazing things but are super modest about it. I love being surprised by people, learning months after I know them that they started a company or an NGO in high school, or wrote an article in the NYT. Everyone is here for a reason, and more often than not that reason is the last thing you'd expect after looking at someone's face value. It's not cool to brag about your hot internship at Goldman or Google. Instead, it's assumed that everyone has something awesome in their life (even if they don't feel that special about it). >The leave of absence policy is also really good. It's super easy to take time off and come back to Stanford, and other schools have many barriers to do so. I had to take a medical leave and was shocked at how easy the school made the process for me - a huge relief. Things happen, opportunities come up, and sometimes education has to be disrupted, and Stanford's policies do everything to accommodate for individuals' needs.

egold, Stanford University '17

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I never fail to be amazed by the incredible accomplishments, intelligence, and overwhelming humility of the people with whom I live and study. Stanford attracts people from all over the world with a wide range of backgrounds and hobbies, creating endless possibilities for exciting and stimulating conversation. I live next door to the world jump rope champion who wants to study aerospace engineering and is also one of the sweetest people I have ever met; the craziest, most fun dancer at all the parties is also internationally ranked in chess and named as one of the top twenty young black prodigies; my best friend on campus is a man from Nigeria who has lived in Jordan for the past six years and whose background is almost as radically different as possible from that of a white girl who grew up in California. I learned so much my first quarter, without even leaving my dorm. I think the diversity and quality of the people here is one of the biggest factors in making Stanford such a special place, and that is something I would want a prospective student to know. I truly believe there is no other university that brings together such an eclectic, brilliant mix of people in such a supportive and collaborative environment.

drlopez, Stanford University '16

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To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Stanford's location. The nearest city is Palo Alto, which is definitely NOT a college town. It's pretty expensive, filled with small, fancy restaurants, and there isn't much that an average college student would be interested in. It's cool to go to San Francisco, but it takes about an hour to get there by Cal Train.

carlyc, Stanford University '16

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The campus and weather are absolutely beautiful, and the kinds of students that go here are amazing. Not only is it incredibly diverse in the best way possible (in that everyone you meet has an incredible story that makes you think), but I believe that as an elite university, Stanford is able to attract the most elite minds of our generation, yet still provide an environment where one can feel relaxed, cared for, and supported by their peers. (Something you really can't find on the east coast!)

cardinalbree, Stanford University '15

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I go to Stanford. It is literally everything that you hear. It is one of the most amazing places to start a company or to join a startup. The internships are practically limitless. Additionally, Stanford is pretty much it's own city. We have everything here: post office, Starbucks, eateries, libraries, entertainment at night in the form of movies or off-campus activities like laser tag. It is actually possible to get through all four years on campus and be entertained the entire time.

Admitsee student at Stanford, Stanford University '17

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athletics, diversity of majors and backgrounds of students, career opportunities, professors, weather

akcervantes, Stanford University '17

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Stanford is a great place with tons of opportunities and great people. You learn just as much outside the classroom as you do in it. Overall, I am very happy with my experience here and I encourage you to apply!

Ahracho, Stanford University '16

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Stanford is great and I would love to share why.

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