What is a typical Palmdale Aerospace Academy student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Palmdale Aerospace Academy.


Anonymous, Student, Palmdale Aerospace Academy, Class of 2019

Generally you would get students who are intelligent or students that were forced to be intelligent. Students at my school all have their unique interests and abilities.

Anonymous, Student, Palmdale Aerospace Academy, Class of 2017

A typical TPAA student takes school very seriously. Most if not all are a part of some sort of extracurricular program ranging from sports to robotics. The students here are required to take an engineering program for every year they attend the school, making for some high level thinkers. Being surrounded by other hard working intelligent people, the students at TPAA grow and help each other at the same pace, making for some beautiful teamwork and collaboration. Along with the many extracurricular activities offered at the school, TPAA provides students in as low as 10th grade the opportunity to take AP classes. With the school college readiness attitude almost all students have a plan for their future and long term goals set into place. The students at the Palmdale Aerospace Academy are a breed of their own.

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