Which 3 extracurricular activities at Holy Names Academy are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Holy Names Academy, Class of 2017

Extracurriculars that I personally partake in: Multicultural Student Union (MSU), HNA Volleyball, and several Student Leadership positions. MSU is a club held during school, primarily for students of color (but welcome to all who wish to participate). Since roughly 33% of Holy Names students are of color, MSU is a pretty well-populated club. I would recommend participating in MSU because the presentations that the leaders have are very eye-opening to how various cultural influences are prevalent in our everyday lives. They propose interactive conversations that engage the audience while still maintaining a fact-based presentation that leaves the audience with a different perspective about a certain culture (usually African Americans, Hispanics, or Asian/Pacific Islanders). Outside of school, I participate in Holy Names' volleyball program. This past 2015 season was my third season playing for Holy Names, and there is usually I big turnout at tryouts since it is a fall sport and incoming freshman are drawn to sports that are a part of their first sport-season at Holy Names. Clearly, I recommend the volleyball program because it is a tight-knit program, and personally, my teammates are truly my second family. However, I am aware that the crew program at Holy Names is very excellent. Many students partake in this program because it is a non-cut sport. I do recommend participating in a non-cut sport at Holy Names if a student does not make a cut-sport because there is always a place for an athlete that attends Holy Names. As for Student Leadership positions, I am an "Sport-n-Spirit" representative (SNS), a "Big-Sister", and a student recruiter. All these positions are very popular in all grade levels because it is an accessible way to reach out to prospective students and current freshman. Through these positions, student create sisterly bonds and friendships that carry on throughout high school and beyond. It is an opportunity to become a role model for younger students and set a positive example for them. I would recommend participating in any Student Leadership position because one is able to represent Holy Names in her own personal way and bring an enthusiastic attitude to the student body.

Anonymous, Student, Holy Names Academy, Class of 2017

The most popular activities at Holy Names academy are the sports, clubs and Shirts Across America. I strongly recommend the sports for a stress reliever, as well as a way to develop team work skills.

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